APC Says God is Responsible for Nigeria’s Economic Situation

OrderPaperToday-    National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. John Odigie-Oyegun says that God might have a hand in Nigeria’s present economic downturn intended to remind Nigeria the need to implement and embrace drastic change, particularly in the country’s economic model.‎

Odigie-Oyegun made this statement when Change Agents Foundation (CAF), an APC support group led by its Director-General, Dr. Felix Felix paid him a courtesy visit at the party’s National Secretariat in Abuja.

“I think God has a hand in the current economic predicament of the country. Imagine the sudden fall in the price of crude oil, the mainstay of the Nigerian economy, from its heights in 2014, averaging $112 per barrel down to the current price of $28 per barrel — lower than the $38 per barrel which the proposed 2016 budget is predicated on. It is an object lesson for us. It tells us that we must embrace radical change in our economic model.”

He said the drop in oil price has taken its toll on the revenue and expenditure of the Federal Government and as a result is having a severe effect on the economy.

According to him, “the concept of change is a difficult one. Nigeria must be ready to adapt to new ways of doing things. As a party, we know and understand it calls for tremendous sacrifice, there is no other way. Yes the economy is in a bad shape, but maybe that is the kick we need to be innovative and find ways to drive the economy out of the woods.

“The luck we have is that we have as president a man committed to personal probity and sincerity of purpose to the project of developing Nigeria. Today, we must think and be innovative in ways of fashioning out new economic models which diversifies from the present over reliance on oil.

“We are in the process of organising a three-day dialogue which will bring the party, government and stakeholders for an exposition on the realities facing the country, particular the economy.  It will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas so that we go home with a clear direction on how to go forward.”

The Director-General, Change Agents Foundation (CAF), Dr. Felix Felix congratulated the APC National Chairman for leading the APC to victory at the last presidential election which ushered in the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

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  1. That is true,God’s hand is in the collapse of our economy.going biblicaly,when the istraelites disobeyed God,they were made to suffer.in the case of nigeria,we have disobeyed so much that God may destroy us,but hecause he is a patient God,he did not do so.he just want us to learn our lesson.

  2. Chaii. This is a treason offence. This is blasphemy. The Holy Ghost DSS suppose to arrest Apc people and charge them for treasonable felony. How dare they hold God responsible for the boko haram they created? How can they decide to say God is responsible for the fake chibok girls (the greatest scam in Africa)? How can they accuse God for stealing the missing 2016 budget? Do they also accuse God for the disobidience of court rulings by Buhari? The killings of more than 20 Bayelsian voters, is it God that is culpable? The shooting and killing of peaceful protesters was not done by God. Apc, have you people gone heywire? Is this a total demonstration that Buhari does not know what to do? If yes, didnt you look at his background, vis-a-vis the task ahead before deceiving the ignorant and the vulnerable? This is an info-tech age. This is a period of scientific innovation. This is a speed age. The dynamics of this time is quite different from the yesteryears. Yet you decided to bring down the house out of wickedness, envy and mischief. Here you are, in the middle of nowhere. Front looks like back, back looks like front. Each side looks worse than the other. Listen all ye Apc shameless people, If you accuse God again for your lies and deceits, I will personally charge all of you for ……

  3. All People Comedian.(APC), before u said GEJ n we believe you, now u ve change our perception again… i dont think i can trust u again. God bless 9ja.

  4. Politances una don dry d oil also distrole machin wey d print money bcos no places to keep d money again una say na God abi

  5. True !!! Because God punishes Apc 4 terming a highly well managed Economy under GEJ govt as clueless with dwindling economy while boasting & deceiving nigerians 4 votes as Economic gods to fix it overnight. Now its worst they divert propaganda to God. Accept cluelessness & failure !

  6. U guys i mean apc re stup becus we re nt going 2 help nigeria again 2 sustain in any business so dis is early morning biafra must come and thnx we change and free kanu wicked buhari becus u re suffering poor masses of zoo.

  7. I believe any day GOD Want to Destroy the World , GOD must first Destroy The very Corrupt & Decay Land So Called “NIGERIA”

  8. Haha, are tired of blaming Jonathan have proceeded to God? believe me bunch of criminals will on their own tender letter of resignation.

  9. I am waiting for APC to invite God over the 2.1 billion dollars issue bcos I won’t be surprise if they join God for that one.APC U guys should mind how u call Gods name in the name of propaganda

  10. Tony as the zoo called nigeria is the enemy of GOD, by holding director of radio BIAFRA NNAMDI KANU and BIAFRA. nigeria will never know peace until justice is do.

  11. hahahah you guyz are too old,God can not come down any day it aready give evertins to mak it happen.you guyz have to charge tht poor m’de of your’s.

  12. For APC to blame the Nigeria Economic Situation on GOD it means they are devoid of any possible solution and thereby unfit for governance.

  13. Hahahaha this ppl self. 1 aboki is begin me to buy him mineral and bread this afternoon and i told him dt his brother has taken d whole money dt no money the aboki shouted “kai!” as he left i tell my brother dt they neva see sometin yet. Evry they u keep seeing new face of aboki comeing down to east, no shoe to shin gain somebody like me has bought polish and brush and so many ppl has bought their own as well. Buhari and his children is disgraceing nigeria. There is this 1 of his doughter dt z goin up and down fucking from korado bello to el-rufi from el- rufi to yerima my dear this ppl dont hv good character. What do u want God to do when we alow devil to take ova d beutiful place he created for d blessed children of God

  14. of course may have decided to set a blockade the flow of wealth from the richly created soil where the dwellers see nothing of the dividend of the wealth to the land of the lazys, uncreative fools, hopeless illiterates who enjoy the wealth that has its spring from the land of the marginalized.
    Oh come my Beloved Biafra

  15. God must have set a Blockade the flow of wealth from the rich soil which the dividend is hidden from its settlers to the land of the lazy, uncreative, fools who enjoy the dividend to the detriment of the owner of the wealth

  16. This man shouldn’t bring God’s name here , God is not in their business at all . What they sow they must ripe one way or the other . God will surely shame all of them .

  17. I also hope he knows God wouldn’t solve the problems they were VOTED in to handle.

    The President and his Government had better get into the “SOLUTION ORIENTED” mood NEEDED by NIGERIANS.

    Any other thing is absolute Thrash!!!


  19. I’m suprise, if these people could blame God for their failures, then nigeria is finish economically. Initially they put their woes on Pres.Jonathan and now God. apc leaders are cursed. boko buhari use corrution fight to cover up his ineptitude and inexperienced in govt. UP BIAFRA.

  20. IF GOD is responsible for nigeria economic situation, ………that’s to say that APC is not his(GOD’S) choice political party for nigerians…………Buhari should resign now, before he starve nigerians to death.

  21. I thought initially they said it is PDP and JONATHAN. So it is not Jonathan again. APC and their party are set of confused people without direction and focus to rebuild Nigeria.

  22. Lie,liar na wickedness of APC led gvt, thus, the rapid declining nature of the economy can only be attributed to nemesis of struggle for power @ all cost cos, God’s plan for man is of good

  23. Release the prophet you are holding and start talking on the future of Biafra. Maybe God would find a place in his holy heart to forgive nigeria.

  24. Now it is not Jonathan’s problems. We shall meet in the day of resurrection for d evil you created during your deceptive campaign

  25. Hmmmmmm, uwa ojoo, then Mr. Buharri should resign. APC Shame to all of you, for deceiving the poor Nigerians with your Change slogan.

  26. God? Then why blaming GEJ all this why? Please release Nnamdi kanu and free biafra so that GOD will have mercy on you all. LET BIAFRA GO, BIAFRANS ARE THE BLACK JEWS!!!

  27. God is not happy with the ways Buhari and his people, Army and Dss they killed Igbo people(biafare). Nigeria is geting to worst under buhari this is a part of change Nigeeria need good.

  28. So not GEJ again. It is now God. Unless you allow Biafrans go but if housafulaniyoruba decide to fight God they should remember what happened to all the first sons of ejypt and also what happened to ejyptians sodiers at the red sea.

  29. I said it b4 dat one day buhari and liar muhamad will exust apc’s lies. They have finished blaming and lying against GEJ and pdp. They now turn dia blame game 2 God. Continue to blame God and u will blame him 4eva cos u apc did not use him (God) as d foundation of your administration and he He is going destroy dis bad government and dia agents.

  30. Oooh so it’s not Jonathan again? It is now the Almighty God , there is nothing we won’t hear from this confused people.

  31. What a useless statement from a leader who have lost focus on the reality of time. God is not associated with poverty. He takes delight in the prosperity of his children. Go and study ur bible. A hypocrite like you.

  32. APC ,absolutely correct.” economy is like this because of the wickedness of mankind. NOW GOD IS EXERCISING HIS SUPREMACY.

  33. Indirectly they’re God’s angry with them? Hmm sad to accuse God. Hope they wont provoke d wrath of God? They never c something yet. They shud invite jonathan n tender natnal opology to d man n c if God’ll 4giv them

  34. See how foolish this Apc are,they were blaming GEJ before now they hv started blaming God,how is God responsible for ur inability when he gave u everytin.Senseless pipol

  35. The international business publication
    in an article titled ‘Nigeria ‘sliding
    towards Venezuela-style FX regime’ by
    Steve Johnson, the deputy editor of the
    Financial Times, said the economic
    policies of the Buhari administration is
    doomed to fail because it is tailored
    after Venezuela’s exchange rate policy
    and China’s failed equity market
    The article said: Nigeria plans to create
    a $25 billion fund with public and
    private financing to modernize
    infrastructure and avoid a recession.
    Copying Venezuela’s exchange rate
    policy and China’s failed equity market
    strategy might seem the height of
    But, at least in the opinion of John
    Ashbourne, Africa economist at Capital
    Economics, that is precisely what
    Nigeria, the continent’s largest
    economy, has just done.
    “Low oil prices are battering Nigeria’s
    export-dependent economy, but it’s the
    government’s market-distorting
    response that risks pushing the country
    into a Venezuela-style crisis,” Mr
    Ashbourne says.
    “Nigeria is sliding towards a Venezuela-
    style FX regime and adopting a
    Chinese-style stock market circuit
    breaker. Neither will reassure foreign
    investors, many of whom seem to be
    eyeing the exits.”


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