Fake whistle blowing led to invasion of Senator’s house – Saraki 

OrderPaperToday – The Senate has been told of how a fake alert by a whistle blower misled the police to invade the residence of Senator Danjuma Goje last week.
President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki said this on Wednesday at plenary.
He said  has the Police had informally told the Senate Committee on Police Affairs that the operation in Goje’s house was carried out based on wrong information from a whistle blower.
Saraki however insisted the Senate would require an official explanation on the operation.
He said: “This matter is very serious, just as Senator Goje has said. It is now over five days with no statement or comments from the Police to tell us why this raid was done or to tell us where these files which are very important to the appropriation process.
“Sadly, I must tell you informally that the chairman of the Police Committee told me this morning that the Police are saying that it has something to do with a whistle blower. If it has to do with a whistle blower, then the whistle blower misled them.
“If a whistle blower misled them, I think that this matter that has come out publicly like this to embarrass a Senator should be well handled. I think the Police, like in a civilised society, needs to come out and accept responsibility.
“If somebody has given you any wrong informatio, tell the public what you are doing with that person and if it is an intelligence officer that got the house wrong, come out and tell us. For five days now, nothing. I think it is unfortunately.
“I also got an information that the House of Representatives has also set up an adhoc committee on this matter and this committee that is set up should work closely with the House, particularly to ascertain the circumstances surrounding why they went to Senator Goje’s house.
“If truly it was a whistle blower and he gave them wrong information which is what the IG is telling them, what are they doing about that  wrong information? Have they come out to make a public apology for this wrong raid?
“These are issues that the committee would look into and the files that are still in Police custody which Goje has told us is affecting the works before us, also needs to be brought publicly and formally to him because it was taken publicly.”
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