In Gombe, constituents directly determine constituency projects – lawmaker

OrderPaperToday – A member of the Gombe State House of Assembly, Mr. Solomon Jisimah has disclosed that constituents personally nominate projects they want implemented in their constituencies.

Jisimah stated that members of the assembly only act as facilitators and not determinants of the choice of the projects.

The lawmaker made this revelation during a technical session on constituency projects organized by OrderPaper Nigeria with support from USAID’s Strengthening Advocacy and Civic Engagement (SACE) proramme on Wednesday in Abuja.

He stressed that the executive makes no room for constituency projects nominated by lawmakers but only projects decided by the people, adding that lawmakers only get recognition during commissioning when the governor gives them credit.

He explained: “When we came on board, the governor consulted with the state house of assembly on programmes he designed for suggestions from the people based on their needs and priority; so we don’t have constituency projects.

“The governor convened meetings around all the constituencies and told the constituents to bring the projects important to them; handwritten not typed. He visited all the constituencies and all the wards in the state.

“When the budget was made, he told all the MDAs to adhere strictly to all that has been documented. Up till date, they suggest the projects themselves and not the members. The issue of constituency projects in Gombe state, I can’t say we have it.

“We do not control of funds; in fact we have pressure from our earnings to subsidise the price of things before people can actually access them.

Speaking on how projects are captured, the lawmaker said; “In Gombe, we don’t have our names written on certain projects. Whatever project is listed would be attached to its ministry, if it is road, it would go to the ministry of works.”

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