Grilled meat: Benue Assembly prohibits use of tyres 

OrderPaperToday – Benue State House of Assembly has banned the use of tyres and other leather-related materials by meat Sellers and butchers in roasting meat because of the health threats such pose to consumers.

This situation was brought to the attention of the assembly in a substantive motion moved by the member representing Katsina Ala East, Mr. Ianna Jato on Friday.

Jato decried the act especially because the United States Agency for Toxic Substances and Diseases Registry had disclosed that tyres contain several heavy metals such as Zinc, Lead and Copper that can be Carcinogenic when exposed to consumers over a period of time.

Speaker of the Assembly, Mr. Terkimbi Ikyange then resolved that the butchers and slaughters should henceforth make use of firewood instead of tyres and related leather materials.

Ikyangbe also urged the Ministry of Health and Human Services and that of Agriculture and Natural Resources to effectively regulate the activities of butchers and abattoirs in Makurdi and other parts of the State to forestall health and environmental hazards.



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