OrderPaperToday – 10 federal legislators from Plateau State have posted a cumulative 102 bills out of the 1217 total in both the Senate and House of Representatives. This amounts to 8.5 percent of the overall total.

This appraisal is within the first year of the 9th national assembly (June 2019 – June 2020).

Note however that the total number of legislators from Plateau is 11. One died. And it is that one that did not sponsor a bill.

Performance assessment of senators from Plateau state
Plateau senators

Two out of the 3 senators have sponsored 14 bills with Gyang Istifanus Dung, representing Plateau North district, taking a hugely disproportionate slice of 11. This performance qualifies him to belong to the top senators with highest number of bills sponsored. He was a member in the House before being elected to Senate in 2019. Sen. Dimka Hezekiah Ayuba, representing Plateau Central district, has the remaining 3 bills. He is in his first term as a federal lawmaker. Dimka is a former deputy commissioner of the Nigeria Police Force. Late Ignatius Datong who represented Plateau South senatorial district did not sponsor a bill before his demise. A by-election is yet to be conducted to fill the vacant seat.

Performance assessment of House of Reps members from Plateau state
Plateau Reps

In the House of Representatives, Mr. Dachung Bagos Musa, representing Jos South/Jos East federal constituency, seats atop the chart with27 bills. This tally earns him a slot among the top 10 members of the House with the highest numbers of bills sponsored. 7 of these bills have advanced to at least second reading, earning him another slot among top 5 members in the 360-membership parliament. Despite being a newbie, his contributions on the floor of the House are notable, including sponsorship of several meaningful motions.

Mr. Simon Nwadkwon, representing Barkin Ladi/Rioyon federal constituency, comes next with a total number of 22 bills to his name and a seat on the table of members with highest number of proposed laws. He is medical doctor and also a newbie.

Deputy speaker of the House, Mr. Ahmed Idris Wase, comes next with 10 bills. Representing Wase federal constituency, his bills are at various stages of progression. Read more about his bills performance here.

Mr. Solomon Maren, representing Bokkos/Mangu federal constituency, has sponsored 9 bills. He is a ranking member and his performance in respect of legislative activities cannot be dismissed.

Another member of the Plateau contingent with 9 bills is Yusuf Adamu Gagdi, representing Kanke/Paskeshin/kanan federal constituency.

Ranking female member, Beni Lar, has 8 bills to her name. This places her on number 3 on the list of females who have sponsored bills in the House. Daughter of late influential politician and former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ms. Lar represents Langtan North/South federal constituency and chairs the Committee on Science and Technology of the House.

Mr. Longgap Komsol is a newbie but has sponsored 3 bills. He represents Maikang/Qua’an Pan/Shedam federal constituency.

The only member from Plateau state with no bill is Mr. Maitala Haruna. He represents Bassa/Jo’s North federal constituency. He is also a newbie.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This assessment is based on the 1st year of the 9th National Assembly. It is part of our Legislative Accountability Project (LAP)


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