OrderPaperToday – Some members of the National Assembly have reacted to the shameful conduct witnessed today when President Muhammadu Buhari was booed and jeered during the presentation of the 2019 budget proposal.

While some expressed serious reservations on the conduct of their colleagues, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caucus reiterated support for the way some of its members maltreated the President.

For a member of the House of Representative, Mr. Olajide Olatubosun (APC, Oyo), he believed it was partisanship taken beyond bounds. Hear him: “I think some of my colleagues took partisan politics too far. Once we enter that chamber we are suppose to put partisan politics aside. It should be an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. I personally couldn’t hear what the President was saying”.

On his part, Mr. Nnana Igbokwe (APC, Imo), he was rather taken aback watching his colleagues behave the way they did. “What happened today came as a surprise to me because in the executive session we had, we all agreed to put our differences aside and do the needful which is to let the President present the 2019 Appropriations Bill,” he said, adding: “It is true some of our colleagues are aggrieved but this is national matter so I was not expecting what happened to have happened. Mind you submission of budget is different from approval. I see the opposition trying to make a case in their party which is normal but not under such circumstances.”

In another development, immediately President Buhari moved out the chamber after his budget presentation, the PDP Reps stormed the NASS media center to ventilate their anger.

Deputy  minority leader of the House, Mr.  Chukwuma Onyema (PDP, Anambra) said: “Again, the Buhari administration has tabled another multi-trillion naira budget and again, this hollow ritual it began in 2015 may soon be followed, as usual, with excuses for non-performance.

“Again too, as it has always done, the APC government known for its unique ideology of blame-ology will start apportioning of blames to all else, except itself.


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