OrderPaperToday – Mr. Abubakar Saddeeq, Chief Executive of Comrel Travels and Tours, has called on the media to be independent in their reportage and urged politicians to desist from violence as the nation prepares for the 2019 general elections.

He made the following remarks in Abuja while delivering a lecture on the 16th anniversary of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society which held on the 6 of January, 2019,  titled, “evolving purposeful leadership through corruption free elections.”

The Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society which was established in 2003 promotes Islamic ethics, values and ideas among Muslims  and caters for the welfare of the generality of the people irrespective of religion, tribe and nationality.

According to him, “the 2019 elections, everything is about do or die and everyone is trying to project the political damage to one another. The politicians are further misinforming  the youths. They are providing illicit drugs to the youths to carry arms against their perceived opponents.

“Where the media is not fair then we are heading for the rocks. The media was allowed to be used precisely in the 2015 elections where they devoted attention to maligning of some political candidates. We have reached a situation in this country where the media needs to be independent.

The scholar also asked politicians to imbibe the spirit of violence-free votes canvassing, saying “a corrupt free election is one which you can declare support for the candidate of your choice without any harm coming to you. A situation where hooligans are paid to maim, kill and to snatch ballot boxes then that elections is not free. Candidates should learn to sell their programs so that anyone who pleases can vote for them.

“Let me also remind us that even if all the eligible voters in this country decides to vote for you but if Allah has not destined for you to be there you won’t be”

Another speaker at the event who spoke on the challenges encountered during elections, Mr. Olayinka Balogun, a retired Commissioner of police and currently Special Assistant to the chairman Police Service Commission, further enjoined Muslims to desist from all vices that are not in tandem with Islamic teachings such as killings, kidnapping, terrorism etc.

“Killings, maiming, kidnapping and any form of terrorism are forbidden in Islam. The Quran has no place for forgiveness for anybody who deliberately kills another,” he admonished.


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