OrderPaperToday – Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa, said Nigeria expects at least 640 Nigerians from South Africa following renewed xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals, an official said.

She told reporters after meeting with the Senate committee on Diaspora on Monday that two airplanes will be used to convey the returnees in couple of days.

“As I speak with you now, we have 640 Nigerians voluntarily registered to come home and they will be home in a couple of days and we believe that more will still be coming to register. Two planes will convey them. When we receive the first two batches, we will know how many more will come,” she said.

Attacks on foreign nationals including Nigerians continued on August 29 with the latest in Johannesburg, capital of South Africa.

One of Nigeria’s commercial airline, Air Peace offered to convey Nigerians back to the country but plans were temporarily suspended due to expired travel documents of most citizens in South Africa.

To resolve this, Dabiri-Erewa said Nigeria will provide emergency travel certificates for returnees with expired passport.

The official further informed that eight South African policemen have been charged to court for their involvement in past killings of Nigerians in their country while four more have been recently arrested.

She demanded for results of pending investigations adding that this is the first time that South Africa is charging it’s policemen to court.

“Also, we know that eight policemen have been charged to court for their involvement in killings of Nigerians in south Africa and four more have been recently arrested. We are demanding that these investigations must end so that we can know exactly what is happening,” she added.

Dabiri advised other Nigerians in South Africa to remain calm as the country continue to demand justice and compensation.

In his remarks, the Senate committee chairman on Diaspora, Ajibola Bashiru, stated that through the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU), the issue is being raised at global parliamentary level.

“These matters are more of the executive level regarding issue of rule of law and political will. In as much as we are relating with the parliament of south Africa, we must know clearly that this is a turf that executive action is much needed.

“What we do is get briefing from our executive arm and we give whatever legislative support that may be required in order to ensure that they carry out that mandate,” he added.


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