OrderPaperToday – Ministerial nominee and former Governor of Akwa-Ibom, Senator Godswill Akpabio, has claimed to be the only former governor who has no house in London, United States of America and Dubai. 
He added that he does not operate any account outside the country.
Speaking at a press briefing after his screening in the red chamber on Wednesday, Akpabio said: “We should not be interested in only bringing back people who want to move only their pockets forward and gloss over matters of very serious corruption. You cant leave infrastructural development and have money to go and buy house in London and Paris.
“That is why I used to tell people I happen to be the only former governor in Nigeria that has no single foreign account and I challenge anyone. I am the only former governor without a house in London, United States and Dubai. You want to believe that the truth of the matter is I don’t believe in traveling to America. 15 hours is too long.”
Being a member of Federal Executive Council, he promised to work with President Muhammadu Buhari on statistics “because a country that doesn’t work with number has planned to fail. We must know the number of students that come out of the university, to know the number of jobs we are creating and we must double our efforts.”
On the oil and gas sector, Akpabio said if placed in the sector, he will “unbundle the NNPC and revamp the oil sector.”
He assured accountability “for every crude oil that comes out of the soil and remove what I may call cabal that has been mitigated against getting our full resources.”
“We used to zero allocation from oil. That must stop and I am worried so many years after with 2.4 or 2.2 million barrel per day and the population is increasing, it is not enough to feed every mouth,” he added.
According to him, while “some people think Nigeria is rich, we are not. When you compare the production and the number of mouth we have to feed,  you realise there is something wrong.”
If engaged in the agricultural sector, he will ensure that Nigeria feeds itself.
“Any country that cannot feed itself can never be great. Nigeria with a population of almost 180 million, to be great we must be able to feed ourselves . There is need to engage in the agricultural sector,” he said.
Asked on his status of the election case at the tribunal if it turns out successful, he said: “It is not an individual that contest but the party. It will mean the APC has an additional Senator from my state. I pray that happens.”
Akpabio promised not to change and will continue “to give uncommon representation where I am. I assure you to assist Mr President to take Nigerians to the next level.”
He indicated that he wants people to remember him with love at the end of my tenure as a minister.
“A man who loves Nigeria so well. A man who wants to move Nigeria forward instead of moving his pocket forward,” he added.


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