Another APC reps declines to seek reelection

OrderPaperToday – The ruling party is rocked with another shocking announcement in the House of Representatives as the member representing Minjinbri/Ugogo Federal constituency, Babale Bashir (APC, Kano) has announced his intention not to seek for reelection in the coming 2019 election.

Bashir stated that his reason for not seeking for reelection is the general failure on the part of the government to implement the social contract entered into by the ruling party.

He made the announcement while debating the 2018 budget on Wednesday on the floor of the House.

It would be recalled that Chika Adamu (APC, Niger) also announced his intention not to seek for reelection.

Bashir criticized the government for the low implementation of the 2017 budget, and lack of concrete framework in increasing the revenue generation.

He also urged the governments to ensure lasting peace in the Niger Delta, as he noted that the region’s stability is critical to the oil production.

He said, “Let me inform the House that I have no intention of coming back to the House, we didn’t achieve much with the capital aspect of the 2017 budget. In 2015 we entered a social contract with Nigerians.  We need to ask ourselves, When we leave here what would be said about what we have done here.”

“We were told by the president, that the poor performance of the budget is Because of poor revenue generation, the question is what have you done to increase revenue generation? Nothing” Bashir said

He expressed concerns on the capital implementations of the capital aspect of the budget, “yes Mr. President came and talk about the huge chunk voted for capital expenditure, we need to make a distinction between administrative and developmental component of the budge. Some ministries spend N300m out of the N500m voted for capital project on administrative training.

“Another issue we need to look at is the projected oil production of 2.5million barrel per day, and the current oil price of $62, we need to ask ourselves, why is the oil price currently at this price?

“There are two reasons; first is the geopolitical upheaval in the Middle East, if today we have some peace in this region, the oil price would come down, and the second reason is the little peace we are having in the Niger Delta, if today there is any crisis in the Niger delta then we are going to have a drop in the production volume.

“I have not seen any step taken by the government to address this uncertainty, yes there is the ogoni clean up but what is been done with providing sustainable peace.”

The lawmaker from Kano held nothing back on his disappointment with the government in the agricultural sector,

“The issue of agriculture, little has been done on the issue of agriculture, I have listened to the minister of agriculture talked about the several hecters of land set aside for the irrigation farming but I asked the Chairman of committee on agriculture to supply the list or information on the hecters of land set aside for the country.

“This is a clarion call for us to do the needful, we have till 2019 to deliver the promises we made to Nigerians. So this budget and 2019 budget is the only hope we have. We need to shine a microscopic light on the budget. Where ever there is capital development economic developments follow,”

The Presiding officer, Lasun Yusuf appealed to the lawmaker to reconsider his decision on the retirement announcement.

Lasun said, “I hope u are not subjected to peer group pressure, because Chika just announced his resignation from politics and I know you two are friends.” He asked

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