OrderPaperToday – Senator Kabir Marafa (APC, Zamfara) has described last Friday’s ruling by the Zamfara State High Court which upheld the primary election conducted by the All Progressives Congress (APC) as “black market” judgement procured by the State Governor, Abdul’aziz Yari.

It will be recalled that the Federal High Court in Abuja on Friday upheld the decision of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) not to accept candidates of the APC in Zamfara State for the 2019 general elections while a Zamfara State High Court on the same day gave a contrary judgement, ordering INEC to recognise and accept the candidates of the party.

Speaking on the matter in a briefing today at the Senate Press Centre, Marafa insisted that there were neither primaries nor consensus candidates by the Zamfara state APC.  He therefore urged INEC to “do the right thing” by sticking to the judgment of the Abuja High Court ahead of the Zamfara State High Court.

“In broad day light, the (Zamfara High Court) Judge threw caution to the wind, disgraced the profession that gave him food, house and employment and said there were primaries even when INEC said before him that there were no primaries, APC said there were no primaries, our lawyers said there were no primaries.

“Fortunately enough, the Judge in Abuja maintained that INEC was right in their letter to APC that there were no primaries.

“INEC won. Somebody somewhere now went to procure judgement and you now want INEC to abandon what the Federal High Court (Abuja) ruled. INEC is a federal body so judgement from Federal High Court (Abuja) certainly supersedes that of State High Court (Zamfara) in this kind of matter,” he said.

Marafa continued: “I don’t know, INEC said they are studying both judgments but I think it is a matter of pride for INEC to say we stood by the truth and acted in line with the law.

“Knowing who is heading INEC, will they now come out to say we are wrong, we will abide by the judgement procured somewhere from the black market, it is even worse than black market, I have never seen a bad judgement like that.

“We pray that God will guide them (INEC). If they don’t do the right thing, the door of appeal is open”

Speaking further, the Zamfara Senator stressed that despite his love and loyalty to the APC, “he does not give a damn” if APC loses the state.

“Yes I love my party, I work for its success, I defend it but there is limit to which I can pursue an agenda like that, my state is under siege. We know the government in place today is part and parcel of the problem and that is why they want to ensure that they continue.

“APC is not a religion, it is not IPC – Islamic People’s Party, if it were then I have no option, I have to remain.  If APC decides that the worst APC candidate is better than the best elsewhere, I will respect it because that is their business but that cannot be true to me.

“I will go for the best for my people. Even if APC loses in Zamfara state, I don’t give a damn after all the crises we in are today started from APC itself.”

Marafa concluded his press conference by expressing his commitment to “retiring” the leadership in Zamfara, stressing that he is even willing to die for the cause.

“We are committed to retiring this group of rogues that we have as leaders in Zamfara, they either go or we go, there is no compromise.

“At certain levels you have to make a choice, I think God has blessed me beyond measure. At my age I am two time senator, I was a commissioner, before I came to the senate I had cars and houses. My people have demonstrated confidence in me; I can challenge anybody from Zamfara including the Governor.

“What else do I need, I think I am over ripe to die if you want to kill me. They will say he died at the age of almost 60, I think it’s a good number. I am only afraid of how I die, I don’t want to die telling lies, I don’t want to die procuring false judgments. But if it’s on the account of saying the truth, I don’t care what happens, I know it is a necessary death,” he concluded.

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