OrderPaperToday- Earlier today, several lawmakers in the All Progressives Congress (APC) formally complained about the outcome of the party primaries held last month across the country.

They said the elections were marred with violence, lawlessness and characterised by the imposition of candidates.

The above matter came by way of a motion of national public importance sponsored by Mr. Chika Adamu (APC, Niger). Mr. Adamu decried the conduct of the primary elections where political parties nominated candidates to contest for various positions in 2019.

Adamu noted that the primary elections were regulated by the constitution of the various parties and the electoral act but, the widespread reports of irregularities that followed each election between September and October called for worry.

He then suggested for legislative measures to take care of the ugly menace in order to forestall the dangerous drift away from democratic processes, adding that some parties brazenly refused to hold primaries in contravention of section 87 (10) of the electoral act, leading to crises in some states.

He accused governors in different political parties, especially the APC, of imposing candidates in the forthcoming general elections, against the wishes of the people.

“Governors in many states interfered with the elections by either imposing their preferred stooges as candidates on the parties and ensured that some aspirants were denied the right to participate or were shortchanged in the elections after paying huge amounts to obtain forms.”

“The national assembly may in the nearest future be assemblage of governors stooges to the detriment of our democracy,” he warned.

Speaking in support of the motion, a former Kaduna state APC representative said: “I’m a victim of such impunity in my state. My former party, APC, can not guarantee internal democracy. A party that has been mortgaged by a few governors and stakeholders. This trend who tells you what would happen in the 2019 general elections but we must insist that the elections should be credible, free and fair.”

Another former member of the APC, Mr. Hassan Salleh (SDP) who spoke in favour of the motion said: “What we are discussing today is not just peculiar with the ruling party, INEC is also culpable, they are suppose to be be there at the early stage. Many people who have been given party tickets today didn’t even participate in the electoral process.”

Mrs Nnena Ukeje from Abia state (PDP) who also lost her primary election to return for the fourth time noted that the people with the biggest guns were the ones who won the primaries.

According to her: “If we don’t do something concerning the violence during our elections, our country can never get better. The people with the biggest guns are the ones who win elections.”


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