OrderPaperToday – Sponsor of the rejected electric car bill, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (PDP, Bayelsa) is still lamenting the fate that befell his proposed legislation.

Mr. Bruce has again taken to Twitter to express disappointment in the Nigerian Senate for killing his bill.

Recall that the Senate on the 17th of April 2019, turned down a bill seeking the replacement of petroleum vehicle with electric cars in the country by 2023.

Following the listing of the bill in senate, many Nigerians had lashed out at the ‘common sense’ senator for pushing what is considered wrong priorities.

But the senator is not about giving up on his dream electric car project just yet. In a tweet earlier today on his personal handle, he drew a comparison between Nigeria and Germany per the development of electronic freeways in the European nation.

He tweeted: “Germany has gone beyond just electric cars. They now have electronic freeways where cars are charged while driving, without needing to stop. Another reason I am disappointed that Nigeria Senate killed my electric car ill.”

“You can stop the future,” he added for emphasis.

Reporting by Sunday Oguche


  1. Mr. Bruce’s comerades in the chamber possibly know that electric cars isn’t priority for a country where children die of malaria in their scores and potable water is a luxury for most.
    They possibly are also aware that it will take another 10 may be 20 years for ‘tokunboh’ electric cars to become mainstream and thus there isn’t any need to prioritise electric cars.

    But all these a common sense senator should have known!


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