OrderPaperToday – A House of Representatives member-elect from Benue State, Mr. Robert Tyough (PDP) has faulted the All Progressives Congress (APC) zoning formula for National Assembly (NASS) leadership positions as recently announced by its party chairman.
During a meeting of senators-elect with President Muhhamadu Buhari, the APC chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, reportedly told the gathering that the party has zoned the position of the Senate President to the north east and the choice was Ahmed Lawan. While for the Speaker the APC settled for Femi Gbajabiamila from the south west.
Reacting to the development, Mr. Tyough said the decision was not fair for democracy, Nigerians and an affront from the party and further described the move as discriminaatory and had no coloration of federal character principle.
According to him, “the truth is that this country belongs to all of us, we can’t have a Vice President from the south west and still have a speaker from south west all in Lagos State. Another thing of concern is we can’t have a Muslim President, the Senate President Muslim, the Chief Justice of Nigeria ( CJN) Muslim, all Service Chiefs Muslim and then the Speaker muslim.
“There comes a time when everything doesn’t make sense anymore. I’m particularly excited because one of our own from Benue has decided to take a bold step to contest for the position of speaker.”
He continued, “my brother John Dyegh is very capable and he is also a ranking member going by the rules. If any anyone from north central is going to be considered then it should be him. We thank God that he made up his mind to run for the position. However, I will advise him that he reach out to members of my party, the PDP and we want him to to talk to his party, the APC to open up their their heart and accept PDP  because it is not the house of APC alone but it is the house of everybody.”
Similarly, Mr. Benjamin Nzondu of Makurdi Guma  federal constituency of Benue State said Christians were part of the country and should not be relegated to the background in terms of appointment as it is currently being done.


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