OrderPaperToday – Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has exonerated President Muhammadu Buhari of any blame in the wanton killings taking place in parts of the country.

The Speaker in another breadth however blamed lieutenants of the President for the blood-letting in the land, saying the situation has persisted because the ‘federal government’ has failed to take responsibility for the killings but is instead engaged in passing the buck.

Dogara said the failure of the Executive lies in disregard of several security-related resolutions of the House which if had been adhered to, would have brought about a different outcome.

Hear him: “This House has passed many resolutions on the issue of herdsmen, cattle grazing and cattle rustling. These Resolutions include but not limited to: HR 127/2015, HR. 291/2015, HR.36/2016, HR. 77/2016, HR. 123/2016, HR. 144/2016, HR. 187/2016, HR. 164/2016, HR. 85/2017, HR. 199/2017, HR. 08/2017, HR.09/2017, HR.118/2016.

“There have also been several resolutions on kidnapping, boko haram terrorism and sundry security matters. These resolutions are more of a wakeup call to the Executive on its constitutional obligations in governance. The accentuation of violent crimes is a chronic symptom of defects in our security architecture which we must fix.

“I therefore call on Mr. President to apply maximum sanctions on public officers who are derelict in the performance of their duties.”

Dogara recounted the steps taken by the leadership of the House to help in resolving the security crisis and also informed the members that the President, Muhammadu Buhari, has briefed the leaders of both chambers in a closed door meeting.

He however noted that he is not at liberty to disclose the outcome of the meeting as it would jeopardize the security measures put in place to tackle insecurities facing the nation.

According to Dogara, “dear Colleagues, you will recall that on Tuesday, 13th June, 2017, this House convened a Joint meeting with all the Service Chiefs, Inspector-General of Police, the Hon. Ministers of Defence, and Interior, Heads of Para-military services on the State of our National Security.

“Our security-related Committees were expected to conduct a follow-up action on all the issues canvassed, and the House expects to be briefed soon. Only 2 days ago, Mr. President, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria, briefed the President of the Senate and I on measures being taken to contain killer Herdsmen and other criminals who kill with impunity across National flash points.

“I won’t speak to the measures because of the sensitivity of security issues and in order not to jeopardise ongoing operations. However, I must say that I am totally satisfied that if Mr. President’s plan is carried out to the latter, we will sooner than later begin to see the desired fruits.”

He said further: “At these moments of intense outpouring of grief across the nation, it is important that we shun buck-passing and accept responsibility for these wanton killings without which we will never find a solution to this evil.

“We cannot afford to fold our hands and pretend that all is well with our country. We cannot throw up our hands in defeat. We have a responsibility to all Nigerians regardless of creed or ethnicity in line with the constitutionally stated primary purpose of the government we serve in, which is securing the welfare including the lives and property of our people.

“This we must do by ensuring that every law abiding Nigerian is protected where ever he chooses to live in the country and everyone who is up in arms against our citizens is quickly brought to justice where ever they are in the country; that there are no sanctuaries anywhere in the country for killers and other hardened criminals who feed on the blood of our people.”

Dogara stated these in his remarks to welcome members of the House from the Christmas recess during plenary on Tuesday.


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