OrderPaperToday – The same way the number of goals is one of the criteria of rating a football player, bills sponsored is also one of the criteria used in judging a lawmaker.

The 9th House has already finished its first quarter but while some lawmakers are without a single bill, some have already done quite well for themselves in terms of bills sponsored in the past one year since the inauguration of the 9th House. The legislative vibrancy is reflected in the fact that some members tied on certain slots- for instance, three members occupy the number 9 position on the chart.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 lawmakers with the highest number of bills beginning from descending order:

10. Luke Onofiok (PDP, Akwa Ibom) – 14 bills

Youthful and vibrant, Mr. Onofiok is a former speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly. He currently chairs the committee on Judiciary and has 14 bills to his name so far.

09. Gideon Gwani (PDP, Kaduna) – 15 bills

With 15 bills so far sponsored in the last 12 months, the lawmaker representing Kaura federal constituency of Kaduna State occupies the 10 position on our Bills Chart.

Gwani, who is the minority whip, is a 5th term member in the House of Representatives. Some of the bills sponsored include; National Center for Women Development Bill, 2019; Nigerian Agency for Foreign Assistant Bill, 2019; and the Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa (Establishment) Bill, 2019.

09. Francis Charles Uduyok (PDP, Akwa Ibom) – 15 bills

This lawmaker representing Ikot-Abasi/Mkpat-Enin/Eastern Obolo federal constituency of Akwa Ibom state has sponsored 15 bills so far.

Notable among the bills are: Internet Child Pornography Prevention Bill, 2019; Kidnapping and Hostage Taking (Prohibition) Bill, 2019; Electoral Offences Tribunal (Establishment) Bill, 2019; Supreme Court Act (Amendment) Bill, 2020; and Public Servants Foreign Education Prohibition Bill.

The lawmaker is occupying the 9th spot by way of numbering even though he is tied with Messrs. Gwani and Oke on 15 bills.

09. Oluwole Oke (PDP, Osun) – 15 bills

Mr. Oke is a ranking member of the House who also chairs the important Public Accounts Committee. But despite his very busy schedules holding one investigative hearing or another, he managed to put in a total of 15 bills in the first session of the House.

08. Femi Gbajabiamila (APC, Lagos) – 17 bills

The Speaker of the House, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, occupies the number 8 spot with his 17 bills so far. In fact, if progress of bills is used as criteria for this ranking, the lawmaker representing Surulere 1 federal constituency would be occupying the first position.

This is because the House has passed 6 of Gbajabiamila’s bill. Some have argued that this could be a matter of privilege being speaker. These bills include: Electric Power Sector Reform Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019; Physically Challenged (Empowerment) Bill, 2019; Presidential (Transition) Bill, 2019; and Labour Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

07. Nkeiruka Onyejeocha (APC, Abia) – 19 bills

The Deputy Whip of the House of Representatives is the only woman on the Chart with 19 bills to her name.

Onyejeocha represents Isuikwato/Umunneochi federal constituency of Abia state and has been in the House since 2007.

Some of her bills include: Witness Protection Programme Bill, 2019; Public Officers Protection Bill, 2019; and National Hospital for Women and Children Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019.

06. Simon Nwadkwom (PDP, Plateau) – 22 bills

With 22 bills sponsored, Nwadkwom who represents Barkin Ladi/Riyom federal constituency of plateau state, occupies number 6 spot on the chart.

The former Chairman of Riyom local government area of Plateau State was in the House from 2011-2015 but was absent in the last assembly. It appears he is planning to make up for the lost time with 22 bills already.

His bills include: Crime and Criminal Tracking System Bill, 2019; Casino Taxation Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019; Socially Displaced Persons Bill, 2019; and Social Safety Net Service Bill, 2019.

05. Benjamin Kalu (APC, Abia) – 24 bills

Mr. Kalu does the thankless job of promoting and protecting the image of the House being Chairman, Committee on Media and Public Affairs. But that has not distracted the first time lawmaker from being prolific. He has sponsored 24 bills so far.

04. Dachung Bagos  (APC, Plateau) – 27 bills

Sitting on number 4 spot is Dachung Bagos, who represents Jos South/East federal constituency of Plateau state.

As a first timer in the House, he already has an impressive 27 bills to his name, including 5 constitution amendment bills.

03. Ossai Nicholas Ossai (PDP, Delta) – 30 bills

Mr. “speed of light” already superseded his total of 25 bills in the 8th Assembly. The lawmaker representing Ndokwa/Ukwani federal constituency of Delta State has so far sponsored 30 bills in the last one year.

With this feat, Ossai earned the number 3 slot the list. Some of his bills include: Firearms Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019; Dangerous Weapons Bills, 2019; and Cancer Registry Bill, 2019.

03. Uzoma Nkem Abonta (PDP, Abia) – 30 bills

The former Chairman of the House committee on public petitions already set a high standard for himself in terms of bills. In the 8th Assembly, he sponsored 65 bills and is almost at 50% of that benchmark in the current assembly with 30 bills.

Abonta who represents Ukwa East/Ukwa West federal constituency federal constituency has been in the House since 2007.

Some of the bills sponsored so far include: Commodities Exchange Bill, 2019; Emergency Communication Bill, 2019; Satellite Towns Development Agency Bill, 2019; Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan Bill, 2019.

02. Mohammed Tahir Monguno (APC, Borno) – 41 bills

The chief whip of the House, Mr. Monguno, who represents Monguno/Marte/Nganzai federal constituency of Borno state, is number 2 on the chart.

With 41 bills, Monguno is giving Abonta is good lead but will he be able to meet the lawmaker on the number 1 spot? That would require him to score 20 unreplied bills.

While the battle for the top spot is still up, here are some of the bills by Monguno: Deep Offshore and Inland Basin Production Sharing Contracts Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019; and Nigerian Peace Corps (Establishment) Bill, 2019.

01. Tajudeen Abbas (APC, Kaduna) – 59 bills

Taking a clear lead on the chart is the lawmaker representing Zaria federal constituency of Kaduna state.

Mr. Abbas already sponsored 59 bills and 23 of these are for establishment of federal medical centres across the country.

While the stats are impressive, it is worthy of note that he is also the sponsor of the controversial ‘NGO bill’ in the House that seeks to constrict the civic space and has been condemned by many.


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