By  Dehinde-Joseph Vivienne

The National Assembly consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate; comprising 360 Honourable members and 109 Senators respectively. These Representatives and Senators are voted for by the members of their constituencies, in their individual States across the country. Oyo State is one of those states; with Ibadan as its capital. It has three senators and fourteen honorable members, representing the state at the National Assembly.

Member of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Senator Buhari Abdulfatai, is currently the Senator for the Ibadan North senatorial district. According to reports in the media, he has distributed empowerment materials of about 150million naira to his constituents at an empowerment programme held in Saki. He has facilitated ICT laboratories for various Secondary Schools, donated borehole facilities, as well as given out various cash donations to the betterment of members of the Oyo constituency.

Honourable Stanley Olajide Adedeji, on the other hand, is the House of Representative member for the Ibadan North-West Federal constituency. Chief Stanley Olajide, as he is commonly referred as, started the ‘Ididi Omo Medical Outreach’ with the members of a forum called the Progressive Youth Alliance; a platform to give the community medical, educational, as well as infrastructural assistance. He initiated the ‘Ididi Omo Medical Outreach’ in September 2019, as a means to provide free healthcare services and free medical outreach empowerment; including free eye test, malaria screening and treatment, free condom and treated mosquito nets, among other things.

The constituents of Ibadan North-West have high expectations of their representatives at the National Assembly this new year. That is not to say that the Senator and the House of Representative have not been working; as this is clear from their achievements above, seeing that it’s only been six months since they were elected into office. As a youth of my constituency, there are certain pressing needs I feel would be beneficial to me and other members of the Ibadan North-West Federal constituency and the Ibadan North senatorial district at large.

Futhermore, in an interview with Punch Newspaper, Honourable Stanley Olajide Adedeji stated as a goal, that he would be interested in the rehabilitation of young teenagers who have been turned into thugs. A lot of teenagers and youths are found looming the streets of the constituency and Ibadan at large daily; either due to poverty, unemployment, and many other reasons. The honourable needs to provide free or affordable education for these teenagers and employment opportunities for the youth; the provision of skills acquisition training that can keep them busy and provide financial stability in the long run would also go a long way.

In conclusion, it is important that these legislators provide oversight over the executive arm in the provision of basic amenities such as: clean water, tarred roads, and frequent electricity supply which are key to the betterment of the people of Oyo state. We have had leaders over and over again, promising these same things year after year with little or no change or improvement and it is my utmost belief that these are also amongst the key and pressing needs of the state. We also expect to see more of the scheme of loaning people money this year and rather than collecting the loan back, encourage members of the constituency to use it for employment of others.


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