ByTitilope Fadare

OrderPaperToday – The Senate on Wednesday rejected a constitutional amendment bill which stipulated thirty-five percent affirmative action for women in political appointment as federal ministers and state commissioners.

Although the bill secured a ‘Yes’ vote of 61 and a ‘No’ votes of 35, proponents of gender equality could however, not muster the required number for it to be approved. By this development, the dream of gender parity and political inclusion for women is still a long way off.
This is because the lawmakers also rejected the bill on Citizenship and Indigeneship for women with a breakdown of a 49 ‘Yes’ vote and a 46 ‘No’ vote  of  which the required quota for approval could not be reached. This Bills had sought to alter section 25 of the Constitution to guarantee a married woman’s right to choosing either her indigeneship by birth or by marriage for the purposes of political appointment or election.



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