The opacity of the budget with respect to constituency projects continues to be a source of concern for proponents of transparency and accountability. And for constituents of Oshodi/Isolo II federal constituency of Lagos State, there are questions as to the budgetary allocations and projects of Mr. Tony Nwulu, their standard bearer in the House of Representatives.

The sponsor of the Not-Too-Young-To-Run bill does not have funds and projects for zonal intervention (constituency projects) captured in the 2016 budget. Or so it seems. It was same scenario for 16 members of the House of Representatives from Lagos until investigations by OrderPaperNG unearthed how they ‘hid’ their allocations from scrutiny and pulled it together for a controversial project to please the Governor of the State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode.

So where are the funds and projects for Mr. Nwulu? Several attempts were made to get clarifications from him but to no avail. As someone who has pulled remarkable strings in favour of youths’ inclusion in politics, why is Mr. Nwulu’s constituency projects information in fiscal year 2016 shrouded in secrecy?  One would expect that accountability and transparency would be fine points for this proponent of political inclusion. Especially since he now seeks to contest for the office of governor in his native Imo State. Eyes are on you Mr. Nwulu. Answers please, sir!


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