OrderPaperToday- The speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Femi Gbajabiamila, had announced an adjournment of legislative activities in the House of Representatives.

He, however, explained that the 14-day day break is not meant to be a holiday period for the members, but rather, is a measure to prevent the spread of novel virus.

This is just as he commended Dr Amarachi Karen Allison who identified the index case in Ogun State and took quick action to prevent the secondary transmission of the disease, thereby buting the nation more time.

These were contained in his remarks delivered  shortly before the House adjourned for 2 weeks on Tuesday after passing the Emergency Stimulus Bill.

The speaker followed the announcement with an instruction that no member of the House should leave the country within that period as it may reconvene at anytime to consider emergency bills.

“The House of Representatives has now adjourned for fourteen days in the first instance. This is not a holiday, it is an act of necessity in furtherance of the social distancing and isolation guidelines that have proven to be effective in preventing secondary transmission of the Covid–19 disease.

“The leadership of the House will continue to observe developments and respond as the circumstances demand. If it becomes necessary, we may reconvene to act on emergency legislation and possible amendment of the Appropriation Act, 2020.”

He also commended the “brilliant and inspired intervention by Dr Amarachi Karen Allison” in Ogun State, “who identified the index case and took quick action, prevented the secondary transmission of this disease and bought us time.

“Her actions saved lives. She has honoured herself, her profession and her family and we are eternally grateful. When all of this is over, this House shall not forget and we will make sure too that our nation does not forget,” he said.


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