OrderPaperToday- The Council of Legal Education (CLE) has been inducted into the “Freedom of Information (FOI) Hall of Shame” by the Media Rights Agenda (MRA) for “consistently failing to comply with its duties and obligations under the FOI Act.”

In a statement issued on Monday by its Programme Officer, Mr John Gbadamosi, the MRA lamented over the institution’s refusal to carry out its duties under the Act.

According to Gbadamosi: “It is one of the ironies of the Nigerian condition that an institution that oversees the training of budding lawyers and issues certificates to those adjudged qualified to be admitted into the legal profession in Nigeria has established itself as a serial law-breaker when it should be a fierce advocate and defender of the Rule of Law.

“It is difficult to imagine how the Council of Legal Education, while it carries a moral burden of disobeying the Law over the years, can have the credibility to instill in young lawyers the concept of the supremacy of the Law. It is also not difficult to see why much of the legal profession is in a mess if the institution that oversees their training and induction into the profession has no regard for the Law.”

Amongst other failures, the CLE has reportedly declined to submit its annual report to the Attorney General of the Federation since the enactment of the FOI act in 2011.

Additionally, the MRA noted that the Council is also guilty of violating other provisions of the Act with impunity, citing that the “the Council has not proactively published information and records about its activities, operations and businesses as required by section 2 of the Act.”

Furthermore, the Media Rights Agenda accused the Council of failing to publish the list of all classes of records under its control as well as manuals used by its employees in carrying out any of their programmes and activities.


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