OrderPaperToday – The House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs on Tuesday proposed retaliatory measures against Ghana for the act of demolishment of Nigeria’s High Commission by ‘unknown persons’.
The recommendation was made by Speaker of the House Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, during a meeting held between the Committee on Foreign Affairs with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Godfrey Onyema on Tuesday in Abuja.
Gbajabimila described the incident as unfortunate and a direct attack on the Nigerian state as he said apologies alone would not be acceptable.
He said that the premises involved is Nigeria’s and that the attack on the excuse of a land dispute by non-state actors was demeaning.
According to him, we must uphold the honour and glory of this country we serve.
“If it were the embassy of the United States that was demolished in Ghana, do we think the U.S will be talking about apologies or will say we will look into it.
“If the U.S (United States) or the UK (United Kingdom) embassy was attacked here in Nigeria; or the U.S embassy was attacked by their neighbours in Canada it U.K embassy was attacked  in Scotland, will they fold their hands and be diplomatic?”, he questioned.
Gbajabiamila also stated that Ghana had done demeaning acts to Nigeria before and got way with it and hence the courage to have done it again with no guarantee that it will not repeat itself again.
The Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Yakub Buba (APC, Adamawa) said that it was saddening and surprising that the High Commission was demolished.
He said no matter the reason, the Ghanaian authorities should not have allowed the invasion to happen as though Africa was a kangaroo continent.
Buba said that Nigerians were angry and that such actions could incite negative responses across both countries.
The lawmaker also disclosed that there were evidences to show that shops belonging to Nigerian traders were being sealed indiscriminately in Ghana.
Speaking earlier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Godfrey Onyema, said that there was an invasion and buildings in the diplomatic premises were demolished by non-state actors.
He said that the time it took for the Ghanaian authorities to respond to distress calls made by Nigerian officials is extremely troubling and disturbing.
The Minister said that the traditional ruler in the area claimed that the property belonged to him saying that there is no justification to take laws into their hands.
Onyema said that the Ghana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs led a team to visit the site and then proceeded to the Land Ministry to determine the status of the claim.
He said that the President of Ghana had directed that decisive and severe measure be taken to settle the matter.
Onyema revealed that the legal status of the property will be looked into before further actions could be taken.


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