OrderPaperToday– Former deputy whip of the House of Representatives, Mr. Pally Iriase, has asked the governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, to give reasonable explanation on how he spent over N266.2billion in 38 months as there is nothing for it.

The former secretary to Edo State Government, (SSG) said this in a statement made available to the media.

He said he had previously made it abundantly clear that the Obaseki’s government is suffering from “lacklustre performance” stills stand by that position, despite “paid propaganda and media hype”.

He continued, “In the last 38 months, Obaseki has earned over N266.2 billion from FAAC distributions and Internally Generated Revenue, IGR, but come to Edo State, there is nothing on ground to show for this huge sum of money.

“As we speak now, all the public schools are in a comatose state, as communities have to employ adhoc teachers to teach their children.

“Under the red roofs that became the hallmarks of the Oshiomhole initiated school projects, there was no follow up by Obaseki, learning has become a mockery in the face of acute shortage of teachers.

“The health sector in the state is also begging for attention as there is no functional state owned hospital. God forbid, if Covid-19 comes here, we will be in big trouble.

“So what happened to all the money Obaseki collected within this period? After boasting that he constructed over 2000 kilometres of roads in the state in reply to my earlier revelation, the issue now is, where are the roads, the ones Oshiomhole constructed or the ones in Obaseki’s imagination?”

“Before Oshiomhole left office, he had done so much work on urban roads and major rural roads across the state.

“It is unfortunate that as at November 2019, Obaseki got over N251 billion and if you add what he collected in the last month of 2019 (December) and January 2020 in allocations and IGR, over N266.2 billion has entered Edo’s coffers in 38 months.”

He said in addition to his earlier disclosure that in “3 years up to November 2019, the total revenue comprising FAAC receipts and IGR alone was N251 billion”, the state further received N7.4 billion and N7.8 billion in December and January respectively, which means in 3 years and 2 months up to January 2020, the total sum is now N266.2 billion.

Iriase continued, “Edolites are asking what happened to their money as this is a government of renovations, as they have renovated Ogbe Stadium and old Secretariat.

“Since Oshiomhole left office, the state has remained abysmally backward, where is the Dry Port at Gelegele and the Industrial park Obaseki promised? Where are the rural roads for evacuation of agricultural products he promised?
Godwin Obaseki has no landmark, capital intensive project worthy of Mr President’s visit for commissioning anywhere in Edo State in his entire tenure.

“We Edolites are waiting for an adequate explanation in this election year,” he challenged.


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