OrderPaperToday – Mr. Olukayode Ajulo, a lawyer, and former National Secretary of the Labour Party (LP) has said election has come and gone but there are still different stages left to complete the process.
 According to Ajulo during a media chat, the release of the timetable, acceptance of nominations from the parties after primaries, the election proper, declaration of election results and return and issuance of Certificates of Return to winners of the election to the election petitions are all processes backed by law.
“As it is today, we have had the election and it reflects the will of the people. The law believes in imperfection of some election hence the provision of Election Tribunals and further avenue for parties to challenge the result.
“Therefore, election did not just end after the declaration of results. Until after the courts give final verdicts, the general process is still ongoing and it is after the courts’ final verdict that we can sit down to have a comprehensive assessment/appraisal of the whole election process. In fact, there is plethora of authorities on the fact that election does not end after the declaration of the results.
“As far as I am concerned as a lawyer, the court is now in charge hence we have left the ballot box to real balloting in court. Though not everyone has gone to cour-t but by the time you look at the number of people that have gone to court, I am of the opinion that we still need to allow the process to progress to the real final stage when the courts will give their verdicts”, he said.


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