OrderPaperToday – Member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Kazaure Gudaje (APC, Jigawa) has faulted the re-appointment of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele citing inefficiency and corruption as the reason.
The controversial lawmaker said Mr. Emiefele’s reappointment would only bring down the All Progressives Congress (APC) rather than take it to next level.
While briefing press on Wednesday in the National Assembly, he reiterated his commitment to governance and unalloyed support of President Muhammadu Buhari because of his integrity claiming other Buhari support groups share same opinion as him (Kazaure).
He said, ” we are a government of change, we are expecting to move to the next level, we that supported the president are really surprised at the re-appointment of Emefiele by the President. We believe the President is fighting corruption and he is a man of integrity.
“Many things happened under Emefiele as the governor of the CBN, we are accusing Dasuki, Deziani, we are accusing several people of corruption, but all these funds passed through the CBN, we expected him (Emefiele) to just serve his 5 years and go.
‘We are supposed to look for a reliable person, who will reform the economy of the country.”
He made allegations against the unnamed persons in the Presidency of lobbying the president to approve the re-appointment of Emefiele.
Gudaje also stated that the Emefiele met Naira at N180 to a Dollar, but currently at N360 to a $.
He stated, “We believe some people went to tell the president somethings that are not true, maybe the president trust those people that briefed him. I am sure that if the President should know the things that happened at the background, the President will not reappoint him.
“Emefiele met the Dollar at 180, so what reform is he talking about? We do not have confidence in him that the Dollar will come down, What is the contribution of Emefiele? Things are growing worse in this country, so we are expecting next level where people like him (Emefiele) will be wipe out, and bring in fresh people with fresh ideas.
He further revealed that one of the deputy governor of CBN, Suleiman Barau was nominated and the president was impressed by his resume, but some people in the Presidency talked the President out of appointing him.


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