Faulty microphones cause abrupt end to Reps plenary

OrderPaperToday – The House of Representatives plenary today was cut short due to faulty microphones in the chamber.
The entire microphones at the two front rows were not working, as the members had to look around for those functioning each time they wanted to speak.
The plenary commenced around 11:31am but was forced to end abruptly by 1:35pm.
Over 4 items on the day’s order paper were stepped down.
Speaking on the need to adjourn the proceeding, the Speaker of House,  Yakubu Dogara, stated that the microphones are outdated and there is an order for new ones from Germany which would take 3 weeks to be delivered.
As a short term remedy, the Speaker said that the microphones at the back seats should be removed to replace the faulty ones at the front rows.
The plenary was therefore adjourned till 11.00am tomorrow.


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