FG endorses state police

OrderPaperToday – The Federal Government has endorsed the call for state police as a way out of the nation’s security challenges.

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo gave the endorsement while reiterating the importance of a State Police Force as a method in fighting the insecurity across the country.

According to Osinbajo, the security challenges in the country are complex, especially with the large population of the country.

He made this endorsement while giving a speech at the two-day summit organized by the Senate ad-hoc Committee to review the current security infrastructure in Nigeria.

He said: “The nature of our security challenges are complex. Securing Nigeria’s over 900sq/km and its 180 million people requires far more men and materials than we have at the moment. It also requires a continual reengineering of our security architecture and strategies. This has to be a dynamic process.

“For a country our size to meet the one Policeman to 400 persons according to the UN prescribed ratio, we would require almost triple the number of our current police force. Far more funding for the military and security agencies is required.

“We cannot Police a country the size of Nigeria centrally from Abuja. State Police and other community policing methods are clearly the way to go.”

The Vice President also doused the perceptions that President Muhammadu had ignored killings of the herdsmen because he is Fulani which he described “untrue and unfair.”

Speaking further he said: “Every killing undermines the authority of the State this is why they suggested sometime that because the President is Fulani there has ignored the killings of herdsmen, It is both untrue and unfair. In any event, the herdsmen and farmers clashes resulting in deaths have been on for at least two decades.

“I have worked with him for three years now and I do not know of anyone issue that has given him more concern on which he has spent more time on security issues as this particular issue. What then is being done on security?”

He also pointed out to Nigerians that the failure to protect the lives of the innocent is inexcusable by the federal government.

He said: “Every Nigerian is entitled to adequate security from government for their lives and livelihood. Government fails in that responsibility often but I must say never deliberately. Every killing demeans us as a people.

“The failure to protect the lives of the innocent is inexcusable and we cannot rationalize and diminish that failure of our security apparatus of government in any way.”


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