OrderPaperToday – The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has advised that huge funds spent in the production and hosting of reality television programmes could be better spent as empowerment for youths in the country.

Director of Special Duties in the office of the Director- General of the NYSC, Hilary Hassan, expressed this position at the public hearing on job creation and youth development organised by President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki on Monday which held at the National Assembly complex.

Mr. Hassan criticized sponsors of the reality shows, regretted that huge funds are used in managing “indecencies in a country where we have engineers who are not engaged.”

In a vague reference to the popular ‘Big Brother’ shows by Multi-Choice, he said: “We have multinationals who bring out money in their millions and are ready to put them as wining prize for so called reality programs where people just sit idle in rooms and display indecencies and then we post them as winner and say they are celebrities.

“If all these organizations have so much money to spend, why can’t they dedicate even if it is 1 percent of their profit and dedicate it to entrepreneurship promotion. Multinationals have so much money to spend on entertainment let them rather spend it on empowering Nigerians.”

The NYSC representative also took a swipe at broadcast stations for airing contents that do not motivate and mentor youths towards entrepreneurship. Hear him: “I asked my friend who is a director of a station, what you put out all through the 24 hours. He could not answer. The Music, dance and drama you put out at night, is that what you would use to mentor our youths? He said no.”

On what the NYSC has been doing in terms of empowerment and entrepreneurship, he:  “We want to make corps members self-employed and since 2012 when SAED was introduced all the programs have kicked in and till date nearly a million corps member have been introduced to the programme.

“The challenge is the funding. NYSC is not empowered to fund corps’ members business. We don’t have the capacities, so we go into partnership with voluntary agencies. We don’t have much to tell in that empowerment. We are in collaboration with BOI and they have empowered 345; also heritage bank have empowered 7 corps members.”



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