OrderPaperToday – Senator Victor Umeh (APGA, Anambra) has advised state governors to use monetary reward system to provide security for people in their states.

His proposal followed a motion raised by Senator Andrew Uchendu (APC, Rivers) on “frightening killings” in Rivers State.

In the motion, Senator Uchendu lamented that “life has become more brutish and worthless, since anybody can be killed, kidnapped or abducted at any time of the day and no meaningful strategy has been put in place to check this unbridled development in the polity.”

He revealed that there is a “new twist to this sacrilegious conduct by not only killing or beheading but also by having the corpses burnt.”

Contributing to the motion, Senator Umeh stressed that the governors have a paramount role to play to stop killings in their states.

He said: “These killings are going on in states where the governors have not helped matters. Rivers state is a place of gory killings. The Governor of the said state should rid Rivers state of this crime. The Governor can do that, if they take it serious, it can’t continue.

“Crime is everywhere. You can’t rid society off this type of crime but what makes it unattractive is the action government takes as soon as it happens. People are ready to kill anybody today but it they know when they kill, they will be apprehended, they will think twice.”

Umeh equally advised the state Governors to use their security votes as bounties.

“The Governors should help solve this problem. It is not a question of only police. I think the Governors should put money in security to provide security for people in their states. The Governors should use their security votes that is the essence of security votes.

“If you put money into investigation, within 3 days you will get results because the people living around the killers know them”, he said.

He queried some Governors who have abandoned their states to live in the Federal Capital Territory.

He said: “Some governors have run away from their states. They now live in Abuja. When you ask they say there are too many killings like Zamfara for example. He lives in Abuja, attending meetings in Abuja and every day people are killed in the state.”

Senator Ibn Na’allah (APC,Kebbi) stressed that “if anything happens to Rivers today, more than 70% of the country will be affected.”

In his remarks, the Senate President, Bukola Saraki noted that security situation is a matter of concern.

“The issue of criminality must he dealt with decisively. The IG has promised like in other parts of the country will be addressed. The Federal government and state governments should work together to get this issue solved”, he said.

The red chamber in its resolution urged the Federal and the Rivers State Government “to develop workable strategies that would stop the rising cases of killings in the state.”


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