“Half bread is better than chin-chin” – Senator speaks on minimum wage

OrderPaperToday – Senate Minority Leader, Senator Biodun Olujimi (PDP, Ekiti) has expressed pessimism over the impact of the proposed N27,000 minimum wage on workers.

According to Olujimi, it is merely a case of “half bread is better than chin-chin”.

The Ekiti lawmaker made the remark on Thursday during the second reading of the National Minimum Wage Bill 2019 on the floor of the Senate.

According to her, “Nigerians workers are suffering. I asked myself a question, what could N18,000 do to feed a family of two not to talk of a family of 4. I also have asked myself a second question; what can N27,000 do in the life of a family and I say not much it is just that half bread is better than chin-chin.”

Speaking further, Olujimi warned against using the new national minimum wage for electoral gains calling on governments at all levels to show commitment in implementing the new wage.

“There is a need to keep reviewing the scheme. There are issues, it is an election year and we should not allow this go down as one of those gimmicks for election. Most of the states are not capable of paying this N27,000.

“Government must sit down and wear their thinking caps and meet such (state) governments halfway so that it does not become a gimmick again and then at the end of it all, the people who are supposed to benefit don’t get anything out of it and the agitations continue.

“The Federal Government must sit with the Governors to ensure that this N27,000 which is just palliative is paid and ensure it is not our usual election gimmick,” she concluded.


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