OrderPaperToday – Some members of the National Assembly have reacted to the N10.33 trillion budget proposal as presented by President Mohammadu Buhari on Tuesday before a joint session.
Mr. Mohammed Gudaji Kazaure (APC, Jigawa) in a chat with OrderPaperNG said it was wrong to allocate so much as N2.8trillion for debt servicing when Nigeria’s youths are in abject penury.
According to him, debt servicing is a conduit pipe for corruption introduced into the fiscal space by the previous Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration. He said the All Progressives Congress (APC) government ought not to continue the practice but retrieve looted funds from past officials.
Hear him: “How can we earmark N2.8 trillion for servicing of external debt alone when our youths are wallowing in poverty. This debt service management thing is another conduit pipe for corruption. People Democratic Party started all this mess. How can we pay debt when the money was stolen by PDP.
“For me instead of servicing debt, let’s get all these thieves to bring our money that they have stolen. This money is in the pocket of Nigerians and if they see fire for fire they would return it. We are very very disappointed, this money would do a lot for us when we channel it well. PDP has cheated us in this country.”
Kazaure further noted that the performance of the 2019 budget fell short of his expectations. ” I am not satisfied with the 2019 budget performance and I believe President Buhari is also not satisfied and that is why he said he would not introduce any new project that he will continue with old ones,” he noted.


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