OrderPaperToday – The Media Rights Agenda (MRA) has inducted the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) into its Freedom of Information (FOI) Hall of Shame, following its failure to comply with crucial aspects of the FOI Act.

In a statement on Monday by its Programme Director, Ayode Longe, MRA noted its disappointment over the violation of the rights of citizens to information by an institution established specifically to protect and defend their rights.

According to him, “it is disheartening that the National Human Rights Commission, a strategic public institution established with a specific mandate to promote,  protect and enforce human rights, has consistently been in violation of this important citizens’ right which is widely regarded as an enabler of all other rights, when it should be actively engaged in assisting citizens to exercise the right and enforcing compliance by other public institutions with their obligations under the Act.

“We have noted with serious concern that over the last seven years that the FOI Act has been in force in Nigeria, the Commission has persistently neglected to comply with some of its obligations under the Act, particularly those which are aimed at enabling citizens exercise their rights under the Law, thereby undermining in its fundamental duty of enhancing the exercise and enjoyment of the guarantees of human rights in Nigeria”

Speaking further, Longe accused the NHRC of not designating an appropriate officer to whom applications for information should be sent in line with provisions of the Act despite training provided for the Commission by MRA and Right to Know.

Longe added that since 2011, the Commission has submitted only one annual report on its implementation of the FOI Act to the Attorney-General of the Federation while failing to publish and widely disseminate most of the 16 categories of information that is required by the FOI Act.

“Although we are aware that the Commission has been largely responsive to requests for information from members of the public, its own failure to rigorously comply with its reporting obligations under the Law has resulted in our inability to resolve this issue in its favour as we do not have a full picture of the number of requests it has received annually over the last seven years and the number it has responded to in order to make a reliable assessment about the level of its responsiveness,” he remarked.

MRA’s Programme Director concluded by calling on the Commission to put its house in order by setting in motion the apparatus required to fully implement the Act.

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Damilola Zebulun Adeniran
Damilola is a multiple award-winning Writer, Researcher, and Community/Sustainable Development Practitioner. His interests and experience span across media, academics, human capital development, and strategic planning. Damilola is a Paradigm Initiative Digital Rights and Inclusion Media Fellow. He is the first Nigerian in history to win the blog4dev writing contest organised by the World Bank Group. Also, Damilola's written work on violent extremism and sustainable peace in Nigeria won a PeaceWriteNow prize, presented by the Embassy of Ireland in June, 2018. His works have been published in Nigeria and the United States of America, in English and in French. Damilola has also attended important meetings within and outside the African continent including the 2019 Spring Meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C, USA and the West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program (WACA) Marketplace in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He was also a special guest on a panel discussion titled “How creative industry can help to stem fragility,” which was held at the headquarters of the World Bank in Washington, D.C, USA. Furthermore, Damilola was selected as a Champion of Advocacy against extreme poverty and preventable diseases by ONE Campaign in May, 2019. An alumnus of the prestigious Lagos Business School and Federal University of Technology Akure, Damilola Adeniran represents Nigeria in the Youth Transforming Africa Program.


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