OrderPaperToday – To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence from Britain, the immediate past Speaker of Kwara State House of Assembly, Ahmad Ali, has charged leaders in Nigeria to provide the needed environment for economic development.
Ahmad in a press statement released on Thursday stated that stable political environment and economic development will usher in ‘new lease of life to our economy to better the lots of our downtrodden and make agricultural sector more vibrant, with a lot of incentives that will make it attractive, as this will bring job opportunities to our teeming jobless masses.”
Ahmad, who served in the 7th House of Representatives, noted that 60 years post-colonial rule has not delivered the aspirations of the founding fathers of the country.
He, however, added that Nigeria will be great while commending President Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerians in general.
“We must do whatever it takes to protect our nation’s sovereignty and nascent democracy to be robust, with promise of pursuit of happiness of everyone.
“Nigeria will be truly great despite all odds and we should discard all pretences at fractionalizing the country but continue to remain united, forge ahead with a common goal; pray for our leaders at all levels so that they can be encouraged to work for our individual wellbeing  and for establishing an egalitarian society.”
He also appealed to people of Kwara to be committed to agriculture and take advantage of the abundant farm lands a cross the state.
 “As Kwarans we must take advantage of our cherished vast land to maximize its utilization, that way we shall get out of poverty”.


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