OrderPaperToday– As the world celebrates “International Youths Day”, former lawmaker from Imo State and Special Assistant to the current House of Representatives Speaker on Legislative Matters, Mr. Nnanna Igbokwe has urged the All Progressives Congress (APC) led government to consider youths in positions of authority.
The co-sponsor of the ‘Not too Young to Run’ bill and a former president of  the Forum of Young Parliamentarians in Africa in a telephone interview with OrderPaper Nigeria, charged all youths to remain resilient in their pursuit to be involved in governance.
“I want to commend Nigerian youths to the extent of making themselves available to the contribution of national growth. It is rather unfortunate that the system and the society is still skewed against the youths and one of those indicators is yes I am in APC and I had expected the APC government to consider a good number of youths in the ministerial appointment but averagely those appointed so far none is below forty years. And all this is calls for concern but I will only urge them to do the needful by embracing peace and dialogue to see how they can take advantage of government programs aimed at empowering youths both economically and politically.”
Additionally, Igbokwe urged the youths to work towards self dependency and self reliance instead of being a burden to the society and of course the government.
“The youths must work towards self reliance contributing to the growth of the society rather than been over dependent on white collar jobs and there’s need for a collaboration between the government and the youths constituency and I think we are getting there and we must sustain the energy.”
Speaking on the altitude and the readiness of youths towards participating in leadership positions, he said not all youths lack the capacity to act right and deliver if given the opportunity.


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