OrderPaperToday – Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has weighed in on power rotation commentary as regards which zone should produce the President in 2023.

Speaking with journalists over the weekend, Kalu stated that Igbos do not possess qualities of being politicians.

He said: “For marginalisation, yes I cannot lie or look at anybody’s face but again our people are not better politicians, because you have to flow like any other region.”

The former Governor of Abia state opposed the perceived marginalisation of Igbos by President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to him, Buhari worked on infrastructural development for Igbos than other Presidents who they voted for.

Kalu said: “But by building the Niger bridge and doing those Port-Harcourt-Abah-Umuahia-Enugu express way and Enugu-Awka-Onitsha express way which even President Buhari we did not vote for is doing.

“Those we voted for were not productive. Those our people voted for genuinely for 10 years they didn’t touch those things so believe that President Buhari has tried now.”

In terms of appointments for South East, Kalu proposed that appointment of service chiefs be spread across the six geopolitical zones.

He said: “I am not talking in terms of appointment because the constitution says that every State should have at least on minister. That is statutory. It is good to also spread the service chiefs which I will like people in the Senate to bring a bill, so we can make a bill that every region must have a service chief but when you look at it service chiefs are like personal staff of the president, they are not really constitutionally owned because you only work with military men you trust. That is the truth whether you want to hear that or not.”

For the Abia Senator, he cares more about security of people, business and services than appointments

He said: “I don’t care about who is appointed. What I care about is what services are they giving for people to move about their businesses, for people to be secured for people to be saved,for armed robbers to stop harassing people, kidnappers to be tamed.”

Kalu further informed that he once discussed with Buhari about the marginalisation of South Easterners but the latter questioned that political leaders from the region did not insert projects for their benefit.

He said: “I was joking with the president, you know he jokes a lot you would wonder this man who doesn’t laugh. I was saying something before I joined the APC about three and a half years ago. We were joking and I said Mr. President we are marginalised, he said how? He said the previous Government had all your brothers who could have done what they supposed to do but they didn’t do what they supposed to do.

“He listed them, you had the secretary to the Federal Government,you had the minister of finance, minister of aviation, you had this you had that you had deputy Senate President, you had everything people who would have put projects in the budget and execute them. I was just looking. So you can see, whether you like it or not the president was partially right. You know me I don’t fear anybody, if the president is wrong I will tell him he is wrong. If he is right I will clap hands for him.

“For me the eastern part of Nigeria have been neglected for a long time and now we have started to address the issue. The second Niger bridge is coming on board. I can tell you from the seventies 1975,every administration has promised the easterners second Niger bridge and the benefit is not only for Easterners it is for the Nigerian people and every other person that came spoke big English and grammar and they did not do anything but President Buhari is implementing it right away.”


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