OrderPaperToday – Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso has stated that he has enough capacity to emerge as the President in 2019.
He cited numbers and huge followership as factors that would enable him defeat the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari.
He made this known on Friday, during an interview on Channels Television monitored by OrderPaperNg.
He said, “PDP is a better PDP now. Talking about who is the best, who has the capacity to defeat the incumbent, who can run the government even after the election, where we have peace, stability, development, good infrastructure, human development and so on – in my opinion, you are just talking about Rabiu Kwankwaso.
“Politics, as you know, is a game of numbers. I’m so lucky to come from Kano where we have the largest number of people going by the last census in this country and also the most popular zone.
“I am also lucky that in Kano State, we have huge followership, people who are committed because they believe in us and they believe that if we succeed, they will also succeed.”
Kwankwaso is a strong political figure in his state with a movement called the Kwankwasiyya.
He declared that his achievements during his tenure as a governor will make people vote for him.
“A lot has been achieved and that is why it was very easy bringing people together to support the movement. Even when I contested, I wasn’t really supported by the federal government at that time. PDP will win the elections most likely 100 per cent again,” he said.
The Kano Senator criticised the Buhari led administration for “sleeping for the first six months” before choosing his appointees.
“The mistake that this administration did, in my own opinion, was that they wasted five, six months without any government structures, especially in the issues of ministers and other important appointments.
“In other words, people went to sleep for five – six months in this country and that was why in 2016, we had to go into recession because everybody was sleeping, doing nothing.
“And I can tell you, in 2011, when I was elected, we were able to inaugurate our state assembly and get the names of our commissioners, within one week. And within that same week, we had our first executive council meeting. And we were working until the last day,” he said.
Kwankwaso is a Presidential aspirant running under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) after defecting from the All Progressives Congress (APC).
He has over 11 candidates in his party to battle in the primaries.


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