OrderPaperToday – Aspirant for the office of President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has assured that the legislative arm of government will have a cordial relationship with the executive going forward.

Speaking at the unveiling of his legislative agenda for the 9th Senate on Friday, Lawan equally promised to have a relationship with the House of Representatives that will be based on mutual respect and support.

Lawan said: “With the kind of unity we are building, with the kind of consensus we are building, we will go very far. The journey has just started, it is one thing to be there, it is entirely another thing to achieve and we are determined to achieve.

“We are not assuming that it is going to be smooth and easy. Some challenges will require serious surgical operations. If we do those and we must have the courage to do those, some people will complain. I’m going to everything in national interest, we are going to relate well amongst us as members representing different political parties.

“We are going to relate well with our counterparts in the House of Representatives, we have our speaker, our deputy speaker here.

“We are also going to cordially relate with the executive arm of government, this has been the controversial thing anyone will say.

“We have seen how unproductive it is to have a rancorous relationship between the arms of government – everybody suffers, most especially the people, even the legislators suffer, even the institutions in the national assembly suffers.”

He continued: “But we have also seen how a decent relationship based on cooperation and partnership of mutual respect can support whatever policies of government, good policies work for Nigerians.

“We have no reason to cooperate and unite among ourselves and we have no reason not to relate properly with the executive arm of government. When we have to disagree, we will disagree with dignity and respect and resolve issue on National interest. The winner must be Nigerians at all times.”


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