OrderPaperToday – Unlike most if not all of his colleagues, Ali Ndume, who is in the race to become President of the Senate in June, has declared that he has no official driver.

Mr. Ndume says he has only a “volunteer” driver.

He made this revelation during a press briefing at the National Assembly on Wednesday while addressing the outcome of a motion for more coaches to be procured for the Abuja-Kaduna train service.

The senator during the debate on the motion, revealed that he stood two hours during a train ride from Kaduna to Abuja in a bid to avoid the dangers of kidnapping, robbery and banditry that has rendered that highway a death trap in recent months.

Speaking at the press briefing, he said: “Somebody wanted to add a prayer that they should ban senators and other big men from using the train, that they should use the road. A funny thing also happened that day, a colonel friend of mine came with his excort and they dropped him there.

“Later again,a big Sheik Mallam came and joined us. I asked him why he came here when he has soldiers, he said his escorts were happy because he is not going with them put taking the train.

“Most of you will not believe, I don’t have a driver. I don’t have an official driver. I drive myself, anywhere I go, I drive myself, during my campaign, I drive myself.

“I am 60 years old but I still have the agility to drive. The driver who drives me here is a volunteer driver. What we do, if he comes in the morning with his car, he stays in my house in Gwarimpa then we move. After this one now, we will both part our ways. There are some people that like that one.”


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