Murray-Bruce: I canvassed lower allowances, Senate ganged up against me

OrderPaperToday – Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has said he has always been an advocate for lower allowances for lawmakers.

He spoke in reaction to information disclosed by Sen. Shehu Sani (APC, Kaduna), where he revealed that Senators receive N13.5 million monthly and a consolidated salary of N750,000.

This released an avalanche of reports stating that his colleagues were unhappy about the disclosure, which was fervently denied by the Senate’s Spokesman, Senator Sabi Abdullahi, on Sunday.

Narrating his experience, the Senator representing Bayelsa East explained on his Twitter account, the reaction he received when he made a related remark, earlier.

He said: “From the first day I got to the Senate, I advocated for lower wages and allowances for public officials and a higher minimum wage for the Nigerian worker.

“I was resisted and made the personal decision to share my allowances with widows in my constituency.”


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