OrderPaperToday – Senator Ben Murray-Bruce (PDP, Bayelsa) has once again bemoaned the high rate of births in Nigeria, calling on the government to adopt population control measures.

Senator Bruce made the remarks while contributing to a motion on Wednesday on the need to bridge “the gap between the haves and the have-not in Nigeria to nip in the bud the seeds of a looming violent revolution” sponsored by Senator Chukwuka Utazi (PDP, Enugu).

While admitting that his comments are likely to draw criticism from the two leading faiths in Nigeria, he maintained that unless the issue of high birth rate is addressed, Nigeria will continue to grapple with insecurity.

“What’s our population control policy? Does anybody care how many children we have? Does anybody care how many we ought to have? How many children make an economy functional? Nobody cares.

“So, we all talk about issues to avoid what is truly important, population control policy. We don’t need to be as draconian as China where they have the one child policy. But the one child policy in China stabilised the Chinese economy.

“Muslims and Christians will criticise me for my position but unless the government have a population control policy; one, we cannot solve the problem; two, we must spend more money on education,” said Bruce.

He added that: “Security is not about providing security for the rich but availing the poor standard education.

“We thinking having babies is equivalent to wealth. Here we are today, we are having babies, we are not educating our children, we are not giving them jobs, they have no future and because they have no future, they carry guns and knives, point it at you and take you out because they see you in a beautiful car.”

He concluded by stressing that the surge in population is not a northern Nigeria problem but a problem that cuts across the length and breadth of the country leading to a revolution that is already occurring.


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