My vindication strengthens belief in Nigeria, Saraki speaks on trial

OrderPaperToday – After 1018 days of “tortuous journey”, Senate President, Bukola Saraki has celebrated his victory at the Supreme Court on Friday.

The Apex court discharged him of all 18 count charges of false assets declaration filed by the federal government in 2015.

In a statement signed personally by him, he expressed optimism reiterating his belief in the country.

He opposed the strategy used in fighting corruption which according to him is being used to challenge political opponents.

He said, “Instead of exhibiting the need for unity and working day and night for that purpose, we are stoking the fire of division and rancour. I maintain that, above all else, my CCT trial has been a flagrant vilification of my person, and shows that some people are after their personal interests rather than the national interest.”

He lamented that the three “wasted” years on “malicious prosecution” could be used to “tackle issues affecting Nigerians, including: economic recovery, insecurity, youth unemployment and strengthening national institutions.”

He described himself as one who has always been fighting corruption, citing the beginning of political career as a presidential aide where he initiated the process that led to the enactment of the Fiscal Responsibility Act.

He stated that he was the first governor to “establish the Price Intelligence Unit which later metamorphosed into the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) at the federal level. In the history of this country, the highest fraud, the most brazen corruption has been the Fuel Subsidy scam. No one wanted to talk about it or confront entrenched powers.

“As a Senator on the platform of the ruling party at that time, I sponsored a motion on the floor of the Senate calling for investigation that led to the unprecedented exposure of the massive corruption in the fuel subsidy regime. That was my only point of departure with the former President. My antecedents speak for themselves.”


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