OrderPaperToday – Minority Leader of the Senate, Godswill Akpabio, has said the All Progressives Congress (APC) should be grateful to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for refraining from taking up the office of Senate president in June 2015.

Akpabio who is a former Governor of Akwa Ibom state, stated that had PDP senators not put national interest above partisanship the APC would have lost the opportunity of producing the senate president.

He spoke Thursday at a special anniversary session to mark the first year of the 8th National Assembly in Abuja.

Akpabio said though the party had the number of Senators needed to produce the Senate president, following the absence of some All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmakers, they decided to put the interest of the nation first.

“If we had wanted to take over the Senate, the PDP would have done that. We had the chance to take all the positions. But because we are not greedy, we decided to allow the APC take over,” he said.

Senator Akpabio therefore called on APC Senators to express gratitude to their PDP counterparts for the show of “uncommon show of sportsmanship.”

Speaking on the state of the nation, he charged the ruling party to step up to the challenges of governance quickly as things were going awry across the nation.

He said: “In the South-south, people have abandoned their homes because of activities of Niger Delta Avengers. The north is under turmoil. The South-east is boiling because of agitation. The South-west is the only peaceful area, but they still send mercenaries to other areas to fight.

“We want to assist the APC government to succeed, despite all your efforts not to succeed. The APC should be grateful to the PDP for not taking over the Senate. It is uncommon.

“I want to urge the APC to market this country very well. The way the APC is saying the country is full of criminals, investors will not come here to invest. They must change the way the talk about Nigeria. Things need to change.”


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