OrderPaperToday – President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has stated that principal officers of the 9th National Assembly will not work for “personal reasons.”

He made this known in a press briefing with journalists on Wednesday.

According to Lawan, the principal officers decided to put aside personal interests because “our country needs us.”

He added: “Our country needs all hands on deck to deal with the numerous challenges of development. What that means is for us in the National Assembly to remain focused and united to ensure that we perform our mandatory functions in the constitution to deliver all those legislative interventions that are required for good governance to ensure that we act and sustain a bipartisan fashion of engagement in the senate and indeed in the national Assembly.”

On oversight, the President of the red chamber promised to “restructure” the process.

It would be recalled that the Chief Whip of the 8th Senate, Olusola Adeyeye, had criticised the previous assembly meddlesome activities with Ministries, Departments and Agencies, neglecting their core responsibility of oversight.

But Lawan promised a change in the current Senate.

He said: “However as a legislature we also have that enviable role of over sighting the executive. We would even try to restructure our oversight process not as we did before but we want to see an oversight that is structured from conception to the presentation of reports by our committees to the plenary of the senate at all times.

“We want to ensure that whoever is given a responsibility on the side of the executive discharges that responsibility. We are not going to have unnecessary rancor, or go to the market place with stones.”

“We are going to be absolutely focused, absolutely determined to ensure that Nigerians are taken to the next level of development.”


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