OrderPaperToday – The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced the recovery of illegal deductions from mobile users by network operators.

The telecommunications regulator announced that the large “volume of of the illegal deductions by network providers will be refunded to the subscribers.”

This is according to a Press statement released by the NCC on Wednesday.
NCC according to the statement expressed disappointment at the “high level of consumer complaints in respect of forceful subscriptions to Value-Added Services (VAS), as well as airtime deductions for these subscriptions.”

The regulator disclosed that the high rate of complains led to investigation of the situation.

It said: “Disturbed by the persistent occurrence of the menace despite these measures, the Commission carried out a long and comprehensive investigative audit into VAS subscriptions across all MNO and VAS platforms. The investigative audit was led by the Compliance Monitoring & Enforcement Department of the Commission, with participation from its other Departments such as the Technical Standards and Network Integrity (TSNI), Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB), Legal & Regulatory Services (LRS), and Licensing & Authorisation (L&A).

“Based on the outcome of the investigative audit, the Commission will shortly be directing the indicted organisations to make refunds to affected consumers as appropriate. The Commission is also considering, and will impose appropriate sanctions as necessary. This outcome justifies the Commission’s commitment to evidence-based interventions.”


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