OrderPaperToday – Senator Ali Ndume has restated his interest for the seat of the Senate President in the next assembly, debunking rumours that he dropped his ambition for the APC’s anointed candidate, Ahmad Lawan.
In a press briefing on Wednesday, Ndume stated that he feels he is not as qualified as other aspirants.
He explained: “Let me add or to say that I think that I am more qualified to be the senate leader than all other 108. I am not better than them in anyway.
“If you were to use certain criteria, most of them were born with silver spoon, I am someone that came from a very poor background. My father did not go to school, he is not rich. I always say I am son of nobody that became somebody without knowing anybody.
“Having said that, I am a human being that has rights according to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which I don’t compromise.”
He went further to list reasons why he should be given the chance to govern the red chamber in the 9th assembly.
The Borno Senator said: “I threw in my hat for the senate presidency because one, I feel I am qualified, two, I feel I should be given the chance, the zoning was made to northeast deliberately because of the precarious situation we find ourselves-insurgency which has inflicted a 9.2 billion on the northeast.
“You need somebody who wears the shoes. We in Borno are in the epicenter of destruction of Boko haram. It is not of getting the office of the senate president but what you can do with it.”
He boasted of being the only aspirant who gave an agenda for their leadership.
“Nobody is talking about what they want to do. I am the only person talking. What they are saying is based on the party. Why do they want to be the senate president? I have my nine point agenda and I am serious about it”, Ndume said.
For him, “If God doesn’t give me this, it means he who is the giver, will give me something better because God knows his servants prayers.”


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