OrderPaperToday – The Nigeria Insurance Association (NIA) and other stakeholders in the insurance industry invited by the House of Representatives Committee on Insurance and Actuarial on Wednesday shunned an invitation for undisclosed reasons.
The stakeholders were scheduled to appear at Room 141 of the New Building of the House of Representatives.
After some members of the Committee and journalists appeared and sat for over an hour awaiting arrival of the invited guests, to their amazement, the chairman, Mr. Darlington Nwokocha (PDP, Abia), simply told his colleagues that the meeting would no longer hold.
He informed that those scheduled to appear including Nigerian insurance association have transmitted their memoranda and would be appearing on a date to be fixed.
He added that update on the rescheduled invitation will be sent to colleagues via WhatsApp
Recall that the Committee had on Tuesday commenced investigation into the multi-million naira insurance premiums allegedly paid for the failed Satellite 1 project which was launched in 2011 as well as Satellite 1-R for which Nigeria obtained $500 million Chinese loan.
The chairman had issued a 7-day ultimatum for all the parties to provide relevant documents relating to the transactions.


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