OrderPaperToday – Nigerians on social media have engaged in a battle of opinions over the bill seeking to introduce independent candidacy in the country’s electoral process.

The bill, which scaled second reading on Wednesday in the House of Representatives, has brought reactions of both approval and disapproval from Nigerians on social media, precisely Twitter.

The reactions followed a call by Mr. Akin Alabi, member of the House, for citizens to analyze the bill before it gets to the public hearing stage in the legislature. He tweeted with his handle, @akinalabi, thus: “I expect twitter constituency to jump on this. Let’s analyze it so when it gets to the public hearing stage, there will be a lot we can contribute to make it a perfect act.”

According to some Nigerians, the bill is just another avenue for lawmakers to squander and embezzle funds because it doesn’t allow for accountability to a political party.

A Twitter user with the handle, @dozzie93 tweeted: “Nobody is talking about the E-voting anymore. It should be our top priority and not independent candidacy when u could be rigged out by PDP n APC… We should push for Electronic voting, for a better nigeria. Let who we vote for, win in elections.”

Another handle, @bensonolumide, also in support tweeted that, “you do understand the game,my brother. The individual candidature will never make any difference; in fact becomes unachievable if rigging lapses is not checked by electronic voting.”

Also against the bill are @princesayo4u and @egayphobia who individually tweeted, ” Solving problems from the root or source a times make it more easier…independent candidacy cannot work in this Country, when u are accountable to no one….what necessary most is changing of voting patterns like from manual to E-VOTING it will go along way to help our nation.” and “Independent candidacy in a corrupt electoral system? They are jokers.”

However, other Nigerians believe this bill is what we need in the Nigerian electoral system and want the bill passed as soon as possible.

Twitter handle @kayomide_toye tweeted, “This is a very great one. Can we fast track the process so that it can be signed into law before Edo and Ondo states elections. Great one here.”

Another handle, @dammymakay tweeted, “It’ll be great if this scales through, I mean really great!”

@YK_mosinmiB, along in support, tweeted, “This is so good.”


Reporting by Vivienne Dehinde-Joseph


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