By Titilope Fadare

OrderPaperToday -The President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki has admonished Nigerians to stand up in defence of the National Assembly, saying the parliament is an exemplification of the of the power of the people in a democracy.

Saraki made this statement in a released video on his twitter account (@bukolasaraki).

According to him, “the difference between military and democracy is parliament.

“For example in my constituency in Kwara central if anyone feels there is injustice in the system, they have to come to tell me repesenting them to fight for them.”

He stated that the 8th Senate is ever committed to treating petitions as he made references to the Petitions attended to so far while emphasising the importance of petitions.

“If you look over time on petitions, you notice no body who responds to them but if you look at the present legislature, we have treated over 70 petitions. I know a Senate who only 5 petitions.

“There is an avenue now for Nigerians to go to if they feel there is injustice. There was an example of a man who was unfairly relieved off his duties in one of the Agencies and he died. The wife was just there for so many years. She was so moved that justice came to her and that is what she has been able to use to support the family.”

The president of the upper chamber asked Nigerians to express confidence in them as they are up to the task.

“That is what we are there for and those are the opportunities that we create to allow people know that there is somewhere they can run to whether individually or collectively.”



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