Oba of Lagos to Senators: ‘Reduce your salary, it’s too much’

    OrderPaperToday- The Oba of Lagos state, Rilwan Akiolu, has reacted to reports of  federal lawmakers’ salaries.

    Speaking at the public hearing of the bill to reform the Police Act on Wednesday, Oba Akiolu told the sponsor of the bill, Ibn Na’Allah, that lawmakers’ salaries are “too much” and should be reduced.

    The issue of federal legislators pay has been a subject of debate since it was revealed that they collect a consolidated salary of N13.5 million every month.

    Speaking on the matter, the Oba said: “The senate and the sponsor of this bill (referring to Na’Allah) I was once a Commissioner of Police in your state and you are a Police somebody, God will be with you. But tell your other members, go and reduce your salary, it’s too much.”

    He apportioned blame for Police’s ‘inefficiency’ to the Nigerian Army, government and the junior officers of the force.

    He said: “It is the Nigerian Army who actually killed the efficiency of the Police. Some of our junior officers are out there taking goods on credit for a money that has not come.

    “When I was on course in 2000, in my paper, I do recommend that apart from the normal allocations, part of the profit of the multinationals should be set aside for the police. The problem of the police is the government.

    “The problem of the police is the junior police officers themselves. They have to change their orientation and the way they behave to the public. Majority of them. Two, the political class. The government will always want to put their stooges as inspector general.”

    He advised Nigerians to refrain from giving money to policemen while calling for better trainings for men in the force as well adequate attention for retired officers.

    According to him, when he joined the force as a cadet inspector in 1970s, he “prayed to almighty Allah that I do not pray to become an Inspector General of Police because I will not take any post that anyone will come and dictate to me.”

    The Oba of Lagos, who is also a retired Police officer, backed the Inspector General of Police’s opinion that the Senate should stay away from future appointments to his position, leaving the decision to just the Police council and the President.




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