OrderPaperToday – Senator Smart Adeyemi (APC, Kogi) has claimed that commercial banks deploy female staff to tempt members of the National Assembly so as to get deposits from them.

Sen. Adeyemi made this claim while speaking in support of a bill for an amendment to the 29 year old Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act during plenary on Tuesday.

He averred that the amendment would help to stop banks from engaging in sending female bankers to tempt senators for deposits.

He said: “I am particularly interested in some areas that I know this bill is going to cover; that is in the area of the interest of charges by banks, sharp practices by banks and some of the very immoral activities that are being entertained in the banking industry.

“Some of these banks, they go to whatever extent that is possible using some of our daughters and ladies to seek for deposits and they compel these ladies as a matter of the condition of their service to get a particular target.

“I think I am not mistaken about the amendments this bill is considering. Does it equally cover such areas where ladies will be compelled to do whatever the extent they can…

“You will recall that, in the National Assembly here, the moment we were in full session, you see some of these ladies with very tempting dresses coming to Senators asking for deposits because they have been given those compelling conditions.”

Lawan interrupted saying, “they come to the National Assembly not necessarily (to see) the Senators. Senators have no such money…”

The Kogi Senator thereafter continued his speech, addressing illegal charges imposed by banks.

He said: “Where banks will give you fifteen percent at the end of the day, they will charge you 23 percent. Banks will be giving charges that people will find difficult to pay back and that has killed so many people in this country.

“Nigerian banks have collapses many industries due to sharp practices which of course some people find difficult to challenge. I think this bill should help us to put an end to it that banks will send people to their early graves…”


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